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Artist Statement 

I am an artist and mother living and working in rural Angus but not far from the city of Dundee. In my work I explore the idea that life is love and loss entwined through a mix of textured paint and oil pastel, collage photos and text.
Life passes us by so fast, though time can feel slow in the moment. We live our days in big and small moments of love and loss and the mundane. Once each moment has passed, it only survives as a memory. We are all made of memories, of ourselves and of others. Others we love, others we grieve in one way or another. Motherhood has focused that even more for me. Each day is filled with big and small moments of love and laughter and overwhelm and repetition and frustration. In my work I try to capture the awe inspiring wonder of love and life and also the fragility, the grief and loss as time passes. All of us carry in us trauma and love. Our memories of our experience make us who we are, good or bad they are the shadows and light in us all.Photos are moments frozen in time, there is a bitter sweetness of trying to preserve a moment that can never be relived only remembered. I use personal photos of my life to create an authentic and honest interpretation of my lived experience and memory. I combine these photos with expressive paint and oil pastel to help evoke a feeling and mood and incorporate text to represent the snippets of thoughts and conversations we remember. Although my memories represented are deeply personal, I hope they can resonate with others. Details can change, but the overriding themes from my perspective as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend are universal. 

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